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Discussion Groups if you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

Thursday - 8pm CST Hosted by James Rogers in Google Hangouts Weekly Parsha Discussion wher we share insights, ask questions and share resources for the Torah Portion that is read every week. We have a relaxed but serious discussion and all are welcome! For more information click here.

Our Goal: To continue to research and rediscover “The ancient path of Biblical Prayer and Service” in Light of Torah as it applies to us so that we may fulfill the will of our Creator as Biblically mandated.

Why?: “Those who cannot remember the past rarely have lasting hope for their future.” Rabbi Berel Wein

“It is history that preserves men and nations from loss of memory, from loss of spiritual identity” J. Jacobs, excerpted from The Pentateuch and Haftorah's by J. H. Hertz.

We are required to know all the details of the laws that pertain to us, and how to apply those laws in our lives. We are not studying to determine what Halacha is, rather to determine how the “righteous” in the generations leading up to Sinai would have lived, what they did to be considered “righteous” in their times, How did Torah apply then, how does it apply now, and how will it apply in the future after the final redemption?

Recommended Texts:

  • The Pentateuch and HafTorahs, J.H. Hertz
  • Stones Chumash
  • Mishnah Torah; Laws of Kings, Rambam
  • The World of The Ger, Chaim Clorfene with Rabbi David Katz
  • The Divine Code, Rabbi Moshe Weiner
  • Service From The Heart, Okbns Press
  • Selected Portions of Nachmanides Commentary on the Torah,Ramban
  • Perkei D'Rebbi Eliezer, Vol. 1-2
  • Israel and Humanity, Rabbi Elijah Benamozegh
  • Other Acceptable Sources:

    1. Any Orthodox or Rabbinically approved Commentaries, Lecture Notes, Articles, websites etc....
    2. Note* Be sure to verify the website's persuasion, making sure to only bring Orthodox sources to the discussion group.
    3. Any Information shared or presented to the group must include your source/reference.


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